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About T. Reginald Harris, MD

T. Reginald Harris, MDT. Reginald Harris, MD, was a former vice-president and one of the original members of the board of directors for CCME. Dr. Harris passed away in 1999, and will be long remembered for his active role in many civic, professional and community activities.

Dr. Harris graduated from the pharmacy school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completed his medical training at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, with a fellowship in pulmonary disease at Duke University. He served on a number of state and national medical and advisory boards throughout his career, including: president, trustee, treasurer, and board member of the North Carolina Society of Internal Medicine; governor of the North Carolina Chapter of the American College of Physicians; and delegate and active member of the American Medical Association, where he served on a number of commissions and panels.

In 1998, he was awarded the North Carolina Laureate Award by the NC American College of Physicians and received the Mastership Honor from the American College of Physicians.

T. Reginald Harris, MD, Memorial Award

Established in 1999, the Harris Memorial Award honors the life and memory of one of its founding members T. Reginald Harris, MD, for his decades of service to the medical community through the North Carolina Medical Society, the American Medical Association, and many other professional, civic, and community activities.

Harris Award


The 2022 Harris Memorial Award will be presented to a NC physician at the fall NC Medical Society's conference. Submission deadline is July 15, 2022.

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