Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. When does the grant application period begin and end?

    The grant application period begins at Midnight on April 1st of each year and ends at Midnight on June 15th of each year. If April 1st and/or June 15th land on a weekend, the online portal will still be available on those dates.

  2. What is considered the grant year duration?

    The grant year begins on August 1st of each year and ends on July 31st of each year.

  3. What is the maximum amount allowed for each grant request?

    CCME Foundation awards grants up to $50,000. The grant amount range is $5,000 - $50,000.

  4. What are the eligibility requirements to apply for a grant?

    Applicant organizations must operate within North Carolina and South Carolina. All organizations with current 501(c)(3) status focused on improving the health of individuals through measurable outcome goals at the community level are encouraged to apply. Examples of organizations that may apply for funding are:

    • Faith-based
    • Hospital/provider/clinic
    • Educational institution
    • Community service
  5. How do I know if my organization's application is in alignment with the CCME Foundation's mission and values?

    The CCME Foundation awards grants to eligible non-profit organizations that work to improve healthcare for individuals and communities through measurable outcome improvement projects. These projects include service, demonstration, education, and clinical programs producing high-impact results on healthcare outcomes. Funding is prioritized based on a project's potential impact on healthcare improvements and access for individuals and communities, particularly the uninsured and under-served population.

    The CCME Foundation's focus are on programs that demonstrate improved health care quality with clear goals and measurable outcomes. Priority areas include programs that:

    • Improve access to health care services to the unserved and under-served
    • Hospital/provider/clinic
    • Improve understanding of health issues
    • Demonstrate improvement through measurable outcomes of stated goals

    Types of programs that the CCME Foundation might fund include those that:

    • Improve healthy lifestyles and quality of life
    • Increase access to culturally and linguistically appropriate care
    • Implement consumer centered care and decision making
    • Improve dissemination of education and health related information
    • Improve patient safety
  6. What will the CCME Foundation grants not fund?

    The CCME Foundation will not fund the following initiatives or activities that include:

    • Reimbursable direct patient care services
    • Facility construction/remodeling of facilities
    • Lobbying
    • Fundraising
  7. When will I find out if my grant application was selected?

    The CCME Foundation will inform grant recipients of their selection in the beginning of August. Those not selected will be also be informed at that time.

  8. How do I get in contact with the CCME Foundation?
    CCME Foundation
    Address: 3600 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 120, Raleigh NC 27612
    Phone: 919-461-5550