A Word from President and CEO Steven Martin


Steven Martin, President and CEO

Coming to CCME, I felt honored to be stepping into an organization with a strong legacy in the arena of health care quality improvement. Decades of serving as a quality improvement, clinical review, audit, technical and consulting service provider does not happen without well planned strategies, a committed workforce, and a supportive governing board to ensure the organization reaches or exceeds its operational potential.

The committed workforce I have come to know – those who have been with CCME for decades and the more recent team members – are clearly the driving force in CCME’s strength to evolve and progress even in challenging times. A diligence exists to uphold CCME’s values along with a passion to transform health care to improve and save lives. Unique skills and advanced knowledge flow through this organization, making it an impactful presence in the community and health care landscape.

As we face this ever-changing industry landscape, we must challenge ourselves to continuously think differently in strategic planning and business operations. Instrumental in all that we do are the relationships we develop and foster with the medical community, state and health care organizations, and community advocates. Engaging with partners, supporting one another, and working collectively toward a common goal allows us to create innovative, effective pathways and processes to achieve and exceed customer satisfaction.

Reflecting on where CCME began in 1983, founded by a group of physicians working toward a common goal to advance the quality of health care, the purpose remains stronger than ever. Strategic planning is well underway with a focus on internal and external engagement, examining the organizational business plan with improved alignment for customer needs, and a strengthening of the CCME brand to elevate our presence to ensure the business grows and prospers.

As CCME transforms, we will continue to be that partner you have relied on to deliver quality results. We will also be a more significant service provider, strongly aligned with your specific business needs and a source you can continue to trust to deliver results.

Steven Martin

President and CEO, CCME